Saturday, February 10, 2007


The hospital trip went well. The ENT checked Sheena's ears, and felt that the left ear is blocked, but that the right ear has certainly drained since her last check-up. One ear is OK for learning to speak etc, so there is less urgency. Sheena is going for hearing assessment in early March, then in late March we'll meet with her ENT again, and review if we need to do anything.

We weighed her while she was in hospital. Her weight on the 4th of January was 8.9kg, on the 9th Feb, she now weighs 8.86kg. Not much of a drop, but hardly the direction you'd expect in a bubba. She ate more today than she has in a week. Cereal was to madam's liking.

When Sheena started getting a little grumpy thisafternoon, we took her out in the Pope Mobile. She is a big fan of it. Here is hubby and Sheena squinting in the 5pm sunshine.


Michelle said...

Hopefully she's back on the track to eating and gaining weight!

amy flege said...

glad to hear her ears were better. hope that continues!!!

Christina said...

Hopefully she will eat better soon again. vince has been eating bad lately too, i think it might have to do with getting more teeth. But what do I know?

I posted a long series of pics of Vince at the PTs place and his crawling exercises. It is really hard to try to explain it in words, but hopefully the pics will give some clarity.

Jessica said...

Thats wonderful that her ears are doing better!