Thursday, February 08, 2007

Get Up - Stand Up

Sheena previously has had zero interest in standing, or baring weight, but look at her here. What a little champ.

Earlier she had (or refused) dinner in her chair, with both her feet standing in a tupperware dish full of rice. What the??? Well it was an idea so that she could get more awareness of her feet. Another thing that has been suggested, is to put shoes on her to get a tight sensation around the feet.

Otherwise she was exhausted today after two days in childcare. It really took it out of her, but she revved up in the afternoon.

Tonight we reduced her Epilim by 1ml, as she's not having any signs of seizures. She is on the minimum dosage of it now, so, like the Dr's used to say, "cross-fingers". If she remains seizure free for another 6 months they'll probably try to wean her off. The brain matures so much at this age, that a low dose of Epilim might hold off other forms of epilepsy that she is more likely than most to develop given the history of IS.


Rosemary said...

What a little champion. Looks like she will walk before she can crawl.
Luv U Bub,

Jessica said...

WTG Sheena!

Michelle said...

Look at her standing! Yay Sheena!

Shelley said...

YAY!! That is great news - and she is looking gorgeous as always. Glad you have found a couple of families who will have a better understanding of IS too. Hannah didn't start tolerating weight through her legs until 14 - 15 months??? and now (only about 12 months later) she is walking! That Sheena will be chasing her before too long!