Friday, January 19, 2007

Two Cold Legs

Here is Sheena upon waking. Poor poppet, we're going have to do something about that. But of course it means that she is moving, so its really good.

She is now enthusiastically rolling from tummy to back, then back to tummy. She did it about 50 times last night, so she obviously enjoys it.

I am still in awe every time she smiles, let alone this rolling business. It was only about 2 months ago that we were sitting in the Neurologist's office with her grimacing and in a complete state. She has come so far. We were literally thinking that she'd never recover, and might never walk. She is back on track so we are still in shock that she is progressing so well.

Otherwise, our friends have lent us this great activity centre. Thanks A, A and A. She obviously enjoys this too.


Christy said...

That is so adorable, I'm so enjoyed her new camera smile. She looks like you in your avatar! Isn't that odd, head angled to the side.
She's progressing so well. Doin' a great job sis.

Christy said...

I meant to say enjoying! Duh.

Christina said...

I love her hair. In both pics! First the bed hair, and then the day hair :-) her and Vince are both soon in for their first haircut I guess.

I checked out the links that Rebecca and Jessica gave on my trnslocation blog, they are really good. I did not check for IS & DS, but I already found two other babies with the translocation Vince has. And quite a few w 14;21. So I also recomend this page now :-)

Michelle said...

Oh poor Sheena with her legs sticking out like that! I would have had to take a picture too though :)

I'm so happy to hear how well she's doing with her recovery! That's awsome!

and yes it does look like she is enjoying the activity center!

Anonymous said...

She looks kind of stuck in the first picture! It is amazing the positions that babies can get themselves into during the night.

She is a beauty though! I love that smile.