Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Our Piano Player

Here is miss butter wouldn't melt in my mouth. She seems to have a lot of photos of her putting on this 'aren't I sweet and innocent' expression - yeah, right. Hubby got her a piano for Christmas, and Sheena has started getting into it. While she doesn't hate being in prone, she'd much rather be on her back, so we are trying to invent ways to amuse her in prone, so that she doesn't immediately roll over. Here is a YouTube clip of her playing the piano.


Anonymous said...

What great fun!!

Christy said...

That is a gorgeous photo.
She knows she's beautiful!!

Kim Ayres said...

Wach out Jerry Lee Lewis!

Jessica said...

How much fun! Sheena and Joey should start up a band together :)

Christina said...

Looks like fun, and she is pretty good too!

By the way, i have tagged you, check it out over on my page (Prince Vince)

Michelle said...

She is adorable!! Loved the video of Sheena in action ... looks like she really enjoys the piano!

Near the end of the video Sheena sucks on her arm for a few seconds - I have a picture of Kayla doing that too. Then she started doing that to fall asleep and to this day that is how Kayla falls asleep...sucking on her arm!

Actually in the video I posted today, at the end, she starts sucking on her arm :)