Sunday, January 14, 2007

One Cold Leg

Like all mothers around the world, last night I debated about how many layers I would put Sheena in to sleep in overnight. My final decision was to keep her in her romper, but to leave her legs out. Put her blankets on, and all was looking fine. Although, this is the first night that she decides to somehow turn 90' on her tummy, and end up with 1 leg hanging out through the cot rails. It was quite a sight this morning.

With the drought, gardening in Melbourne has become extremely regulated. We're up to stage 3 water restrictions. As an odd numbered household, we are only allowed to water our gardens on a Wed, and Sun between the hours of 6-8am and 8-10pm. You must use a trigger nozzle when watering, and you aren't allowed to water lawns at all. This probably sounds ridiculous to other parts of the world, but it is taken rather seriously here, and neighbours, or passers by may dob on you, in which case your water pressure will be turned off and you'll get a fine. Hubby was on call last night, and had to work at 1.15am and 4.30am, so he slept in. I was looking after Sheena, having a play and getting her fed, when I saw the neighbours watering their garden, which reminded me that I had better get out there. I had to finish off feeding Sheena and making my morning coffee, before which I can not do anything. This left me 15 minutes to water the front and back garden.

Out in the garden, I went overtime, by the time I had taken Sheena's swing outside so that I could keep an eye on her. I decided that baby-care was a good enough excuse should the water police give me a earful. Here is a picture of Sheena helping me (or hindering me) do the watering.


Michelle said...

she looks so cute "helping" you water!

During the summer we have water restrictions on base and in town as well. We also have odd # houses can only water (I think also on Wed and Sun!) and even # on Sat and Tue or something. We also can only water between 5-9 AM and 5-9 PM and no washing the vechicles in your driveway - take them to an automatic washer.

amy flege said...

that is the cutes lil garden helper i have ever seen!! hope you get rain soon!!! we have ice and sleet tonite..ugh!