Monday, January 22, 2007

A Sitter-Upper

Sheena sat without support a few times today. 30 seconds was the most she lasted. In the midst of me putting her into a sitting position, she actually tried to bare weight in her feet. Now that is another first for Sheena, because she usually has zero interest in that. The cushion behind her in this pic isn't holding her up at all, it is all Sheena.

We spent the weekend at the beach, but it was not good weather for our 1 year old. Despite it being quite warm, it was very windy and raining a lot of the time. Sheena did come to the beach with us a couple of times, but otherwise hubby and I tag-teamed it, so that we could both have some decent swimming and surfing sessions.


Michelle said...

Yay Sheena! You're going to be a sitting pro in no time!

Anonymous said...

Go S~H~E~E~N~A!!!

amy flege said...

way to go sheena! you will be sitting all the time in no time!! we are so proud of you!!