Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ears and Immunisations

Sheena and I stayed in the house for the most of the day, out of the heat, and enjoyed hanging out with each other. I am gong back to work next week, so there will be less of this quality time.

We had to go back for an ear-fluid assessment. Sheena's ears are very blocked, and she will need grommets. They don't usually do it until babies are 18 months, because if its done earlier, the babies grow out of them too quickly. As it involves a general anesthetic, you don't want too many procedures. About half of the babies in my DS coffee group also have or are getting grommets. Hubby's niece had them, and my nephew almost had them, so its pretty common.

It makes us wonder how well she can hear. She can definitely hear, but it might be awfully muffled. Try putting your fingers in your ears and talking, and that might be what Sheena hears - scary.

She also had to go in for immunisations. We went to the evening session, and by the time it was our turn, it was 7.30, and Sheena had just drifted off to sleep in hubby's arms. Three jabs this time. The first she didn't cry, but for the 2nd and 3rd she shed a few tears. Relatively, it wasn't really bad at all.

I am quietly nervous that the immunisations might kick off her IS again. There is a school of thought that IS is related to them, but her Neuro and Pead both say that it is unfounded. Still not 100% convinced. She has another appointment with the Neuro tomorrow. I have tried to squeeze all these appointments in before going back to work.


Jessica said...

It is scary not knowing how much our babies can or cannot hear. It was amazing after Joey's surgery to clean his ears how much better he could hear afterwards. He became much more vocal and aware of his surroundings. Good luck with the neuro appointment!

Michelle said...

What a cute pic of Sheena playing with her table toy!

Kayla's had 2 sets of the ear tubes and the 2nd set has come out. She has a follow-up next month to check on the fluid, which hopefully will be none. I really hope she doesn't have to get a 3rd set!

good luck w/the neuro appt tomorrow - I hope you get some good news.

Christy said...

She is very engrossed in that flower isn't she?

The Imperfect Christian said...

I found your blog through Rebecca! We have a red-head with DS too! She is too cute for words!!