Monday, October 02, 2006

Work will wait.

Sheena had a terrible day today. I went to my parents house for some company (and help). She was OK until around noon, then had a balling her eyes out session that lasted until 3pm. A panadol and an emema in between, but exhaustion finally go the better of her. Not a lot of fun. She possibly has gastro which I had mildly yesterday, and Sheena doesn't seem to get things very mildly. It was one of those cases where you debate about calling the Dr, but as I had my mum around, we decided to wait until she fell asleep. If she wakes up the same, I will have to reassess.

The big news of the day is that I have suspended my return to work. I rang my boss and explained Sheena's medical issues and he completely understood. I'd kind of gone back earlier than arranged to work on a project, but Sheena is too unwell at the moment for me to concentrate and do a good job in the office. We also have so many appointments that it is too much to juggle. He is flexible about when I return to work before my year's maternity is up.


Anonymous said...

I love that red hair! Sheena and Joey would make such a cute couple someday!!

Joey had a bad day yesterday too. The majority of it was spent crying.

Anonymous said...

Miss E had a bad day yesterday as well. She is battling strep throat and an ear infection.

I hope Sheena has a better Tuesday.

Christy said...

Hmmm what was it about Monday... all these grumpy children.

You are so lucky you have a supportive boss Jo - SO LUCKY.

amy flege said...

those crying spells have to be soooo horrible. my neighbors little boy who is 3months old has spells of crying. they turn the hair dryer on and the sounds soothes him.....just a thought!
hope you are feeling better!

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear she had such a rough day. Glad to hear you have a boss who is understanding and flexible!