Friday, October 13, 2006

Miss Convalesence

Sheena has had many nicknames in her short life, at the moment it is Miss Convalesence. As you can see she we've set up a mattress for her to relax on as she gets over her gastro and adjusts to her meds. She is either very upset, or very chilled-out. Here she is in one of her quiet moments. I don't think anyone would like to see her in an upset stage.

I am not exaggerating, but she wailed for 3 hours straight today. She did not sleep at all today. She desperately wanted sleep, but could not keep her eyes shut. Poor thing. Luckily for me, my mum is helping me at the moment. We just try to keep each other calm and try lots of things to make Sheena comfortable. Today as you can imagine nothing was working. Eventually I tried yet another comfort feed and then lots of patting. She calmed down, but still no sleep. I took her for a walk and she was happy enough with that too.


Michelle said...

I'm sorry to hear she was so miserable and couldn't's hoping she'll get some rest tonight!

Kim Ayres said...

It's always a relief when you find something that works. Hope you find a few more hours peace and Sheena is on the mend.

Christy said...

She looks beautifully exhausted.