Sunday, October 22, 2006

Camp Cronicles

Home tonight from the camp. It was pretty stressful and tiring, but worth it in the end. Arrived the first night, only to realise that we'd left Sheena's medication (carefully packed in a wine-cooler) on the kitchen bench. We were wrecked and we figured that Sheena would have us awake at 5am anyway, so we decided to collect it the next day. At 5.30am the next morning Sheena and I did the 90 minute round trip and she got her morning dose on time. It was not a good start to the camp.

Anyway, that behind us, the camp was pretty heavy as far as content was concerned. The camp leader was a Specialist who has a PHD on DS development going through all the things that may or may not happen to our kids.

Sheena was well looked after by some fantastic university students. They gave her lots of comfort as is her need at the moment.

By far the best aspect of the weekend was spending time with other new parents and sharing common concerns, and hopes for our kids. Sheena is going through the roughest patch at the moment. The other babies, ranging from 4 months to 2 years, were all thriving. Several had heart issues, some that had needed corrective surgery, but other than that it was more normal stuff like catching lots of colds.


Christy said...

WOOHOO for a good camp.
Go the uni students, any offer help on a home basis????
You guys are all looking great. Nice to see the smile JoJo.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you guys had a great time minus the forgeting her meds!

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear you forgot the meds and had to go back home for them! Glad to know that you are getting some useful information from the camp though; and that the students are being so good with Sheena!

amy flege said...

oh darn about forgetting her meds but glad you had a good time!!! great picture of you!