Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sheena's Latest EEG

We had some promising results. We made yet another trip into the Children's for Sheena to have another EEG six days after she commenced Pred-mix. Her EEG patterning has completely changed. Before it was very disorganised with waves flowing all over the place, and frequent nasty spikes. Now it is mainly organised with neat rows of normal patterning. Don't I sound like a Neurological Expert these days? I'm getting the lingo down-pat. She still had 2 spasms during the 25 minute test where there was a big spike on the monitor, and as I was holding her, I could clearly feel her jump. However they were isolated spasms, and not a cluster of seizures. The doctors were not expecting a completely clean EEG yet, however her neurologist was extreamely excited by the result, and he burst into the room delighted to say that we've had a great breakthrough.

So we are finally having progress. It will be a lot easier making her guzzle down all her meds knowing that it is actually working. Mornings are horrible. I get so frustrated and angry that we have to go through this ordeal everyday. It is so all-consuming and feels like Groundhog Day. Hopefully this is short-term and we will see some improvement in her soon, especially now that her EEG is looking considerably better.

She is however along with everything else, really sick with Gastro. We're trying to keep her hydrated, but she's looking pretty poor at the moment.


amy flege said...

yeah i am so happy that the meds are working for sheena. what a wonderful feeling that has to be!! hope her tummy gets to feeling better soon!!

Michelle said...

Great news on the EEG! I"m so happy to hear you received some positive results and that the meds are indeed working!

mum2brady said...

Whooo hoooo - that is great news on the EEG!!! Sorry she has a tummy bug though - praying it is short lasting and she is feeling better asap!

Kim Ayres said...

Thank goodness progress is being made. I heave a sigh of relief for you :)