Sunday, October 01, 2006

Impressive Little Me

After a few entries of Sheena's troubles, I will try to go through some impressive things about bubba.

- Eating, Eating, Eating. Sheena loves her solids, and has only ever rejected egg. I actually blame myself for that, as I basically boiled it and tried to spoon feed her the yolk. Sheena perfers more gourmet food than that poor attempt at baby food.
- Sheena can now swap from breast to bottle in a flash. She is very impressive, and is now downing very-diluted pear and prune juice. She breastfed from day dot, for which I am very proud.
- Holding her own spoon and bringing it to her mouth since six months.
- Rolling at 16 days old.
- Having extreamely good neck control, especially when doing pull to sit. All the Doctors are impressed with that one.
- Loving going to bed in the evenings. In the day time she likes our bed for variety. That is better because her nursery is right above the washing machine in the laundry downstairs, so I can't put it on if she's in bed as it wakes her up (only sussed that out a little while ago - whoops!).
- Her healthy red hair.
- Lots of other stuff.

Here is Sheena on her latest play-mat. We are working on getting more strength in her legs. She is able to take a lot more weight in her feet now - very quick development from only a week ago.

I can't hold her by the fingertips and try to get her to 'walk', because her wrists are shoulders are so lax that I might break something.


Christy said...

Good to see some positives JoJo.

Loving that photo - she looks so enthralled with what she is doing!

Anonymous said...

I have just recently come across you blog and I'm hooked. Sheena looks like an amazing baby, and I love to read about how she's doing.

LeslieAnn said...

Oh Jo, I am so glad you are home now. I'm keeping all of you in my thoughts! I love all the positives too! Sweet pictures!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful list of Sheena's abilities.

amy flege said...

wow. look at all those positives.. she is doing great!!!!!!!!