Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sleepover at Nan's House

Spent the day at Nan's house. Sheena was in her usual form, but we got through it. A nurse from the hospital came over as Sheena needs her blood pressure checked every 2 days. It was an adult size arm band, so she had no luck at all. She's coming over tomorrow with a Peadiatric blood pressure thingy. She didn't like the look of Sheena, and rang the Doc at the hospital, but he recommended that we just make sure she stays hydrated. I was very happy with that assessment. There is nothing more they can do for her in hospital, so we're all better off at home.

Well tomorrow I have an outing. Going to the Bike Show in town. I'll have to resist feeling jealous of all the people that have time to go on bike rides. I miss feeling fit. I might cycle in, and hubby can meet me there.

While we were in hospital last week, Sheena's cousin, Mark, came to see us. He was down from Newcastle for the school holidays. He is in the picture, back when Sheena was only about six months old. I think they look alike - especially with the same expression on their face. Anyway, mum was telling Mark about Sheena having DS, and what that meant. I don't know what he makes of it all, but I think he worries about Sheena a bit. While we were in in hospital he asked me, "Is Sheena always going to be sick?" I know that he doesn't have a judgemental bone in his body. His Uncle had Fredricks Attaxia and was in a wheelchair, so he's used to stuff like that. While we were in hospital there was a girl in a wheelchair with toys up on a pole, and all he said was, "Why does she have a bear up there?" I don't know if the wheelchair got a second thought.


Christy said...

Hi all who read Jo's blog. I'm the big sister. That is my adorable son in that photo (looking a bit annoyed!!!).
He does have some understanding of the DS/IS. He told me tonight that little Sheena is sick, and that is just the way it is and she is SOOO CUTE. He fluctuates from a cute baby to a boring baby!
Oh and thanks on behalf of Jo's extended family for all these wonderful comments and support that she is getting through blog land. It means a lot to me, and is very much appreciated.

Michelle said...

I hope you enjoyed yourself on your outing!