Friday, September 28, 2007

Kidding Sheena

Here is Sheena having fun with some other kids. Sheena's idea of gentle is not exactly predicable, so I was holding her hands for everyone's sake.

Sheena had a great speech pathology appointment, and she's got a few more activities to help her lip seal and ultimately her speech. I thought that the lip seal activities in particular would be a tediously long haul, with very slow results, but we're told it will be 6wks to 6mths, and we'll should see significantly more control. Fortunately Sheena is enjoying the activities, particularly all those that involve looking in the mirror, and all that involve someone singing songs to her. She is definitely babbling considerably more, with more variation, and this is only after 3 days of doing the activities 3 times a day. The lip seal issue is because of her low muscle tone. With delays in trunk control, jaw control is also delayed. This, along with a high arch in her mouth, all make the lip seal more of a challenge.

Sheena is loving her books, and has recently started to consistently turn the page herself. This took her ages to achieve, so it is a nice one.

She had a hearing test today, and got an 'A' as a result. She was very dramatic when she turned to look at the noise - a soap opera performance.

My computer has not been co-operative lately, so I have not posted much lately.


Jessica said...

Cute picture! Glad to hear that her hearing test went so well!

Shelley said...

That is great news - nothing like getting the all clear at a medical appointment is there?!

Michelle said...

great news on the hearing test and that she is showing progress already with the speech exercises!