Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fancy Feet

We've been shoe shopping. I've had Sheena in soft booties all winter, but one of Sheena's friends that is 2 and cruising very well, but not quite walking, benefited from having some more stability by wearing shoes.

However, when we hit the shops all the sales people said that you shouldn't wear proper shoes until you've been walking for 6-8 weeks. Anyway, Sheena has petite feet, and she only fits into shoes that are designed for pre-walkers, so that is what I came away with. One of the criteria was that they were easy to put on. Her feet are very soft, and don't have resistance to push against like you usually would when you're putting on a shoe. They're great, and she's not trying to take them off - thankfully, because they were pricey little pink numbers.
Sheena is signing so well. People often ask if she's talking, so it is nice to be able to say, "Not much, but she does sign language". Never fails to impress. She signs dog, book, more, food, eat, drink. She looks like she is trying to work out biscuit, but hasn't done it yet. I can tell by her expression that she is concentrating to learn it. Dog is the odd one out. The others are in her life daily - but she has only encountered dogs occassionally, so she's learnt that purely from books.


Jessica said...

Joey has the smallest feet too and it's so hard to find shoes for him. You might want to try seeing if you can get Vincent Shoes in your area. They have online shopping and their shoes are awesome! Good luck!

Christy said...

Adorable, she is a cool little chicken these days. I'm gonna have to learn some sign words so I can understand her..

Hey Jo, put up a post for the uneducated amongst your readers as to why kids with DS are good at signing and how the thought process of teaching signing became popular. Is it to do with hearing problems, or just a better was of communicating. Thanks in advance.

amy flege said...

mayson has tiny feet too! she only wears a size 2 in US size. we buy the ROBEEZ for her and they have been the best shoe for her so far!!!
great job on the signing too. we havent worked much with signing since mayson loves try and pick up words!!

Michelle said...

WTG on the signing Sheena! She has come such a long way since when she was going through the seizures! She looks like she's changed so much in that picture!

~Melissa~ said...

She looks so cute in her new shoes! We've been trying to find a good fit for Delphine recently too!

Sounds like she is doing so well on her signing - it's so cool isn't it? WTG Sheena!!