Monday, September 03, 2007

The Birds are Back

The Kookaburra's are back. It even gave us a laugh this time. For all the non-Aussies that read this blog, Kookaburras make a great laughing noise that is really distinctive. I was cooking a quiche at the time, so I suspect the smell might have attracted it. It hung around for ages, which was exciting.
Sheena is really close to pulling to stand. She is now a lot more confident on her feet when standing against something, and will step to each side with a bit of support and encouragement.


Michelle said...

I bet Kayla would love listening to a Kookabura laughing!

Christy said...

How does that work with the bird-phobic Jo??? Good to see you are not passing your fear on :)

Looks like she is flying.

Jessica said...

Shenna looks so interested in the bird! Too cute!

Kim Ayres said...

Time for me to change hemispheres. I love the onset of spring - far more than the onset of autumn

Alice said...

Hi Sheena
we've just been on holiday with our Aussie relatives that we've never met before. They came from Melbourne to meet up with my father-in-law. 40 years since they last met! So we had an english Oz reunion in Canada. And we all sang Waltzing Matilda around a moonlit campfire. Fair play mate. Hope you are all well - the kookaburra pic is great.
Alice :)