Tuesday, September 18, 2007


It was the last of Sheena's EI playgroup for the term. One of her friends at playgroup has just been diagnosed with Retts Syndrome. It is a complex condition that I'd read about while scanning over all the various genetic conditions when I read up on DS. It was helpful to know the basics about it when I spoke to her mum.

One of Sheena's other friends at Playgroup is scheduled to go into hospital for major surgery over the school holidays. The particular surgery is not usually done until kids are 5, but the Doctors now consider it appropriate for a 2 y/o. Naturally, it is a daunting time for her parents.

After hearing all this news, I went to work. I'm enjoying work, but nothing seemed stressful after playgroup.


Kim Ayres said...

In the end we all find it easier to deal with the problems we're familiar with.

I remember getting into a conversation once with another father of a child with DS at a Dad's group. I'd always been thankful that we'd never had bowel problems with Meg, like his son had had. It turned out he'd always been thankful his son had never had the heart problems Meg had had.

We both thought of ourselves as fortunate.

Shelley said...

Love the shot of Sheena in her swing. Yes - Kim is absolutely right isn't he. Still there is nothing like an EI playgroup to give us perspective. I hope Sheena has a great holiday.