Monday, September 10, 2007

Sheena the Socialite

Sheena has had a great few days as we had friends stay with us. She was very content to play wih their 3 y/o and 14 mth old. Here is Sheena and B having a race in the lounge room. You can see that B was introducing tactics outside the rules of racing. You can equally see that Sheena was distracted by the camera and needed to beam accordingly.
Our biggest news for Sheena is that she is making huge progress with eating from her bowl with a spoon. We'd been having a few dramas with that, but now she needs assistance with a few of the steps,.... and a big bib.


Michelle said...

What a cute picture! Glad she is having such fun w/the playmates! and great job on the self feeding!

amy flege said...

wow . way to go on the spoon sheena!!!!!!!

Be Inspired Always said...

Very cute.

Looks like she is having a blast!