Tuesday, October 02, 2007

On a mission

Sheena is very funny in the sandpit at the moment. She gets in with it full of plastic balls and sand. She gets on a mission, and is not satisfied until every ball has been thrown into the garden ready for mum to pick up so that she can start the whole process again.

Today we went to quasi-Wiggles gig at the local shopping centre with the Mother's group. Wag the dog was there. Sheena loved it, and had a bit of a wiggle, and lots of clapping.

Her standing has progressed to assisted walking where I can hold her hands above her head while she takes steps. She's not cruising the furniture quite yet, and can't get into standing by herself, but you can see the pattern getting more fine-tuned each day.


Kim Ayres said...

Well, what is the point of balls in the sandpit if you can't throw them out? :)

Nicki Mann said...

Wow, she is so cute, all pretty in pink and throwing her arms up in the air! I love that picture!