Sunday, October 28, 2007

Squishy Sheena

Sheena was the healthy one of the house this week, as hubby and I struggled through a nasty virus. We didn't even have the energy to take her for a walk around the block, but Sheena was quite happy to cruise around the living room while we flaked in front of the TV.
She has discovered the Wiggles. We have the one that has Auslan sign language in the corner, so I watch it sometimes to learn more signs.
When I am washing Sheena's hair, I always get her to put her own shampoo in, and I say "squishy,squishy, squishy" when I squeeze the shampoo into her hand. She holds her hand out and then squishes it into her hand before putting it in her hair. Now its getting hotter, I found myself saying the same thing when I put sunscreen on her, and she squished her hand in the same way. It was a nice little incidental learning, showing me once again that she is very tuned-in.

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Shelley said...

Welcome to Wiggle World - no going back now! Hannah does their silly hand wiggle to sign Wiggles - Pop goes the Wiggles is her favourite at the moment - I'm rather partial to Wiggle and Learn - Getting Strong becuase it features a little girl who lives nearby who has DS.

DSA NSW organised a Buddy Walk in SYdney and in Wollongong.