Thursday, November 01, 2007

Dressed for Success

Here is Sheena ready to go to Playgroup. She now genuinely fits into the cardigan that her Granny made for her.

Her signing vocubulary is rocketing ahead. She now has picked up cat, pig, yes (although yes is over enthusiastic, and both arms go at once), dad, toilet, car - as well as all the others she was doing already. It is fun teaching her, as she's so into it.

She is also starting to stack blocks, which means that her releasing is improving.

So there we are for the weekly Sheena update. She is still the healthy one of the house, while I'm still sick with this virus.


Christy said...

She's such a doll, and SOOO clever.
Jo you have got to join facebook, and add me as a friend. I NEED YOU ON THERE.

Michelle said...

I can't believe how much older she looks in that picture!

Princess Morgan said...

Sheena has grown up so much. I love her strawberry hair. It is beautiful. Way to go Sheena with signing!