Sunday, October 07, 2007

Releasing Now

Aunty Christy and cousin Mark have been down to visit, and Sheena has enjoyed the extra company.

She picked up a really bad cold. She is better today after a dreadful night. I even called 'Nurse on Call', which is a govt initiative to reduce the number of people visiting doctors. She'd had 4 doses of panadol within 14 hours, and that is well and truely the limit, so I wanted to know what to do when we came to the next fever, and crying episode. The advise was to use Nurofen if she got a fever again overnight, as it is apparently less harmful on the kidneys, so we gave her 2 more doses of that at 10pm and then at 2am when she woke up sick and miserable. She woke up happy and much better.
Our big developmental thing of the week, is that Sheena is now releasing objects. She was placing bath toys on the edge of the bath, and she's been placing balls into her gumball machine.

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amy flege said...

yeah on the new milestone!! sorry she wasnt feeling well. colds are never fun!