Friday, October 12, 2007

Standing Up by Myself

Here is Sheena showing off how flexible she is. She's effortless in that way
I had to post this video of Sheena getting up into Standing. It is an almighty effort. She did it for the first time yesterday :) She is now trying to do it everywhere. I'd only said to her physiotherapist on Tuesday that I was pretty relaxed about her achieving it, because I knew she would.

Sheena had an appointment with her Peadiatrition today. She is going along marvelously. He said she is one of the few people that have a decent life after hypsarrythmia - only 10% do from the rare form of epilepsy.
Sheena had a blood test straight after the appt for a routine Thyroid Function test (which has to be closely monitored in people with DS), along with an FBE while we were at it. She didn't cry!!! (but did give them a lot of cross expressions). What a little champion. As soon as I went into the Pathology Collection room, I went into bat for Sheena and said that she needed a very, very, very experienced person to take bloods. It has been a disaster every other time, so I am glad it isn't always going to be the case. We find out on Tuesday if the Thyroid is OK.


Rosemary said...

Oh you little beauty. When she learns something new there is no stopping her. I will have to move everything to the next level up, she is so tall after being at'bum shuffling' level.
Our precious baby is now a little girl.

~Melissa~ said...

She's standing so well! WTG Sheena. It sounds like her appointment was a good one - she sounds very brave!

Jessica said...

YAY!! WTG Sheena!

Nicki Mann said...

Aw, she looked so proud of herself! What a cutie!

Michelle said...

what a cute video - she looked like she was so determined to stand up and then accomplishment!

Shelley said...

What a marvellous effort - I am in awe of how much determination goes into such milestones. Sheena seems a lot like Hannah that way - is to wonderful to see her make it! Such a good girl. And so proud of herself too! Well done.