Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tai Chi Fanatic

Sheena had creche today. I didn't dress her in her fancy Chinese gear, as I thought she'd be too slippery and they'd drop her, but here are 2 more picks of her looking the part.
So Sheena is on Gingko, and has been for about 2 weeks. I have noticed that she has picked up, especially in terms of response time when we ask her to do something, like choose a book. She'll grab one really quickly and then really enjoy every page. She likes to go through all the books, so she picks a different one each time, until I've read her about 5 stories.


Sara said...

How do you give it too her ? Does that help with Attention?

L. Noelle said...

I can't take it how cute that outfit is! Tai chi? Already! Good for you!

Jessica said...

That is too cute! She would fit right in during a Tai Chi class!

Christina said...

I also want to know how you give it to her? And how do you buy it, drops, foods etc etc!

Michelle said...

how cute! She does look like she is doing tai chi! :)

Thanks for the update on the gingko, I was wondering how that was going.

Kim Ayres said...

A Tai Chi master - fantastic!

I practice Tai Chi myself - she's got perfect posture with that straight, yet relaxed back.


BStrong said...

I don't know about Sheena, but my Amanda's Flexibility could teach a Tai Chi Master a few things.

Very cute.