Saturday, May 19, 2007

Another 48 Hours

Sheena is coming along ok. She is a bit up and down, but predominantly very floppy and lethargic. I would not trust her to sit in her cot as she'd just as likely flop down in any direction. Last night and this-morning were a bit tough on bubba. They had to increase her oxygen and her fever spiked a bit, but it has come down again. The Pead said that we might be able to go home on Monday, so here is hoping that it will be the case, if not earlier. She is much happier this afternoon, but she is still working hard with her breathing.

She looks to be having a particularly bad hair-day in these pics, because she had an EEG. Coincidentally we'd had an outpatients EEG appointment booked for yesterday, and they were still able to do it, so that was convenient. The EEG was fine which is great.

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amy flege said...

awww poor baby. i hope she gets better soon as can come home monday. yeah on the EEG!!!!