Thursday, May 31, 2007

Heart of the Matter

Sheena has been stuck inside for the past 2 days, as it is freezing and blowing a gale outside. Her chest is still very crackly so I was not going to risk it. She has enjoyed a millon cuddles from Aunty Daphne and Sheila all the way from Canada. Even the Canadian's are finding it cold here.

She was reviewed by her cardiologist today, and her heart has improved. The Doc things her VSD has closed, but she still has a small ASD and PDA. He thinks they are smaller than before, and he only wants to see us in 2 years time for a review. Sounds good to us.

He thinks none of her current symptoms are related to her heart, but just that she's been hit with the double whammy of 2 isolated viruses at the same time. That's why she's dropped so much weight, and is still breathing hard. Like the doctors at the hospital he reminded us that this virus can take a month or several months to get over. Its going to be a long winter.


L. Noelle said...

Hi There. I have officially started a petition for changing the way a prenatal diagnosis is given to new and expecting parents. If you are interested in this issue, please stop by and sign my petition. We can all change this system and get the Prentally Diagnosed Condition Act Passed, introduced by Senator's Kennedy and Brownback. Thank you.

Shelley said...

Yes I am dreading this winter too - I normally get Hannah the flu injection but this year she hasn't had enough of a break without snot so we are flying without the safety net. Hope SHeena feels better soon.