Thursday, May 24, 2007


Sheena is obviously happy to be home again.
She got out of hospital yesterday. She is more herself, and her breathing is much better. She lost 13% of her bodyweight overnight after having a diuretic on Monday. She's down to 8kg - literally dropped from 9.2kg to 8kgs overnight. This is not good. We have to go to her cardiologist for another assessment to see if the fluid build up was not just related to her Bronchilitis. I had been treating this hospital visit as a short-term hiccup, but now I am worried that her heart is an a poorer state than originally reported.

While in hospital I met a lady that had just been told their 18 month old had a serious genetic condition that has major health impacts. She was in the raw stages of crying non-stop, and reading all of the material saying how her kid is going to have kidney failure, is not going to grow properly etc etc. I gave her a very brief history of bubba, and she was saying 'how do you cope'... It was good to be able to pass on a few comments that had helped me. Most of the time I just acknowledged that it is really hard, because in the early days it is.


Michelle said...

so glad to hear Sheena is home! I'm sure you were able to be a source of comfort to that other mom, even just knowing that you just do cope, even if it is hard in the beginning - you just get through.

Zany Mama said...

Sounds like a ridiculously hard time for you guys recently. Glad to hear that Sheena is home and seems to be doing better.

Watching your baby struggle for breath's not easy.

Sending you warm thoughts.

Christina said...

That is great that Sheena is home.

And WOW, I am sure you made a big difference int hat woman's life. I met someone like you on day 3 as I was crying non-stop at the gentics office waiting for the blood to be drawn on Vince to test for DS. I still think alot on the words she told me and how that still put things in perspective!

Shelley said...

SO glad that Sheena is home. I think it was very lucky for that woman to run into you - I bet it helped ehr not feel so alone. Hope Sheena's heart isn't going to give her (and you) more grief.

L. Noelle said...

I Am so happy to see that Sheena is doing better and is finally home! I am sure you were a big help to this other mom who probably needed your support. Please keep us updated on Sheena's progress! Best Wishes.

Kim Ayres said...

Glad to read Sheena's home - a chance for you to get a better night's sleep perhaps :)