Sunday, August 27, 2006

Someone is watching me?

We went to a home-expo today. We got a few things that we've had plans to get for ages. Poor Sheena stayed awake 2 hours longer than she usually does, probably dazzled by all the plasma screen TV's everywhere. Only a year ago, I was saying, "Nah, don't need one of those, they're so excessive" But I was tempted today. We'll probably have bought one by the end of the year. It's easy to get caught up in the whole consumer thing.

While I was feeding Sheena some solids at the expo, I felt that people were staring at her. It might be something that I'll have to get used to, and on many levels I don't care, but it was definitely on my mind... My mind starts ticking over and I wonder:

Do people realise she has DS, and is that why they're staring?
Are people not sure if she has DS, and are they just staring to suss it out?
Are they just staring at her because she's cute and enthusiastic with her food?
Are people looking at me too, and thinking, gee, she's young to have a bubba with DS?

Yes, I am analytical, but it is something that I find is on my mind when we're out and about. Does anyone else feel like that with T21 kids?

Sheena has more tests at the hospital tomorrow. Better get ready. We have to be in town by 9am.


Anonymous said...

I used to have the same kind of experiences when Miss E was a baby. Most of the time I wondered too, about what their fascination was.

Now that she is older, I just don't notice anyone noticing her anymore...not as if they are ignoring her...and in fact people may still be giving her the same looks-but I just don't notice them anymore.

Miss E went through a stage where she shouted out loud in public places a few months ago-that lasted several weeks. Fortunately, we taught her how to whisper and now when make the "shhh" sound she is quiet as can be.

I was extremely worried during that time that she was drawing negative attention to herself by way of her shouting, and I also wondered if it would cause someone to continue a stereotype they had previously held about a person with DS, merely because of her outbursts. I was sooooo thankful when she stopped.

I would feel the same way about the shouting with any of my children, but it was a little different with Miss E.

Ok, rambling now. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday evening.

Kim Ayres said...

I remember my wife and I discussing whether other people realised or not when Meg was wee. Eventually, like RNP, we kind of stopped noticing.

I'm sure you will have already discovered that as Sheena gets older, and you become more accustomed to who she is and how she looks, all you see is Sheena and the DS becomes less and less of an issue.

We can go so long without it being a subject of discussion that when something happens like going for a doctor's appointment, or a school planning session, we get a slight jolt as we're suddenly reminded that she has DS.

Michelle said...

I can relate to this post! I always wondered whether they were looking at Kayla just for the fact that she was a baby and everyone looks at babies, or were they actually noticing the Ds. Even now at age 3, I still wonder if people are looking at a cute toddler, or a cute toddler with Ds!

Love the pic of Sheena at the top of this post - what beautiful eyes!

mum2brady said...

Found your blog via Always Chaos :) Sheena is darling!!! If people were watching, it's cause she is soooo darling :) I do think that now that Brady is older people do notice us a bit more - but - I choose to believe it's cause he's so dang cute and that they'll go home thinking, I saw the cutest little boy with DS the other day :)

Your cutie pie is so precious! I hope all your appointments go well!

shellsbells said...

I have a 4 year old son named Owen. We live in rural place in Wyoming (all of Wyoming is rural-lol). We don't notice if people are staring at us or not. When people stare at us, I always look them straight in the eye and tell Owen, "Wave at the nice people, son!" and we wave. It either makes people feel uncomfortable or they smile and wave back to Owen. It's funny but we don't take it personally, some people seem to forget their manners.

jotcr2 said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. I agree that it will just become part and parcel later on. Just curious if I was being overly sensitive, or if it is rather normal to feel that way.