Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Beaming in Bed

Had my local Mother's Group today. It was good to see the other mums and bubs. Sheena was in an excellent mood, and graced us with a couple of beautiful grins.

I have made an appointment with another Pead for a second opinion regarding Sheena being so much less engaged than she used to be. It doesn't hurt, as he might have some insight that her other Dr could not offer. It would be nice to think that it was just teething that is making her so out of sorts, but her change seems so much more dramatic than that. The amazing thing is that she sees him tomorrow, which is unheard of for a specialist.

Sheena's new speech pathologist came over today. She was very nice, and we seem to be doing all of the right things. She suggested making more gestures which is easy to implement.

Sheena was very funny tonight. I put her to bed after cuddles and stories with Dad, and she gave me the loveliest smiles when she was tucked into bed. What a funny bub - loving being put to bed.


BStrong said...

It's always good to get a second opinion. We just switched our eye doctor for Amanda. Amanda was born with congenital cataracts and strabismus and we had to have her lenses removed when she was 6 days old. She wears contacts and glass to compensate. We felt that the doctor we were going too had reached his knowledgeable limit for her condition which prompted us to look elsewhere. We found someone in Cleveland, which is about 2.5 hours away, but he specializes in childhood congenital cataracts and strabismus and also sees about 300 kids with DS per year. We were very impressed with his knowledge and understanding which made us feel that he was the doc for us. So what if it's 2.5 hours away. We'll make the treck every 3 months.

We're very pleased with our decision.


Michelle said...

what a sweet picture of that beautiful smile!

I don't think there is any harm in getting a second opinon. Hope you get some answers at the appointment.