Saturday, August 19, 2006

Daddy Back-up

Great day today. Sheena seemed to grizzle less, but it was probably just that her Dad was home all day, and we could share the load. Sheena still had a crying fit after her bath, but it is just her tiredness getting the better of her.

We are getting her heart checked out again. She is going to sleep at 5.30pm, waking up at 6.30am, and then only having stamina for 1.5 hours of up time during the day before needing another sleep. At her 3 month review with her Cardiologist, she had a Small VSD, Moderate ASD and her duct had not closed. None of that should be causing her to be fatigued, but it is worth getting it looked at again. She is gaining weight fine, but her circulation can be dodgy sometimes, but then again so can mine.

We walked up the 1000 steps today in the Dandenongs with Josh, Jodi, Kirra and Jarrah. All babies in slings or backpacks. Only Kirra stayed awake. Sheena was very cute, asleep facing out in her Baby Bjorn. I love the way babies can fall asleep in the oddest positions.

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Michelle said...

Good luck with the heart check up. Kayla had a small PDA that didn't close and just a few weeks ago she had a cardiac catheterization to close it.