Friday, August 04, 2006

Sheena's 6 Months Old

Sheena was a real handful in her 6th month.
1. She got a Urinary Tract Infection - in hospital for 2 nights on a drip.
2. She was awfully effected by 'Bowel Colic' - very irritable, and in hospital for another 2 nights for observation while they decided what was wrong with her... Her diagnosis was basically because they didn't know what was wrong - Colic captures anything.
3. She was at Mitcham Private Hospital for another 7 nights, while under close observation. Their strategy was to put her to bed everytime she got unsettled. It has had some success, so I am now popping her into bed much more readily.
4. She saw a Surgeon and he decided that she needs a biopsy to determine if she has Hirschprungs Disease. That will be when she turns 7 months. It is because she is very constipated. It might explain a lot of her irritability.

I just hope that it gets sorted out ASAP, so that I have my happy little girl back. I miss her!

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Michelle said...

Oh my! She sure has spent a lot of time in the hospital in her 6th month! I hope you get some answers next month!