Sunday, May 25, 2008

Heading Out

Sheena has started to be very helpful when its time to leave the house. She now gets her own jacket and shoes from the cupboard.
Sheena had another shocking EI playgroup last week, but I persisted through her tears of protest, and just wanting to be cuddled. I think she is resisting being made to 'work' with all the therapists. If it was free-play she'd prefer it much more, but unfortunately that is not the point of it all. One of my mothers groups was in the same centre later in the week, and she was fine after 5 minutes of wanting cuddles, and being unsure. As soon as she was satisfied that there was no pressure to 'perform', she was happy and played and socialised nicely with everyone.


Princess Abigail in France.... said...

Sheena, I'm sure your parents have told you this a million times, but I am going to say this again, from the heart : YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL.
I have gone through all the photos in this blog, and I can't get over how pretty you are. And that incredibly infectious smile is just TOO MUCH - you are just gorgeous all over, inside and out!
Well done! You are truly a cool chick ... !!!
Take care
Alison, Abigail's Mama, France

Sassy Sydney said...

I think this is what they call 'terrible 2's'. I like to think of it as gaining their independence. Morgan is all about being Miss Independent & wanting to do her own thing. Gotta love them. Sheena is so sweet & such a beautiful girl.