Friday, May 02, 2008

Reading Role-Model
Here is Sheena and Cousin Mark bonding over a book.

We had our six monthly visit to Sheena's Paediatrician today. We had to talk thyroid problems, but Sheena's recent TSH blood test result was so mildly elevated, that we are not going to treat it yet. We'll monitor it, and start medication later if it gets worse. Sheena will flick her right leg out a little bit when she walks, but the Dr thinks this is her general low-tone rather than it being her hips out of place. As she continues to build strength this should reduce.

We had a neck xray at the hospital to see if Sheena has Atlantoaxial instability - 14% of people with Down Syndrome have atlantoaxial instability. Its recommended that it gets assessed between the ages of 2 and 4, as children get more active and before they get involved in sports. We find out in a week where Sheena fits in.

Sheena also had another speech pathology appointment today. Made for a busy day, but all worked out well. We got a long nap in, which makes the world of difference.


Shelley said...

That was great - Sheena is so focussed on the story - and Mark is such a cutie! It is lovely to see them having such a lovely time together.

Heather said...

That was a darling video and precious moment between two, that apparently love each other very much!!

Michelle said...

that was such a cute video!

amy flege said...

hey thats great to hear you dont have to medicate her yet with her thyroid! she gets cuter and cuter everyday!