Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Baby-meltdown morning

Sheena had a baby-meltdown at her EI playgroup this morning, and I took her home after only 20 minutes. She was crying, clingy, and very sooky. The main co-ordinator who is a Special Ed teacher was worried that we were setting a bad trend, but she had been in the other building while Sheena was having her first meltdown. With her encouragement, we gave it another try, but we lasted another 5 minutes tops. Despite her best efforts (and this lady is really experienced in working with pre-schoolers) at making it fun and interesting, she also realised that this was not Sheena's usual form, and it wasn't going to be worth the while today.

It was a big shame to have missed playgroup, because most of the other kids were away with colds, and there were more therapists than children. She was OK by the time we got home, so I don't know what was going on. Next week, I'll try to get there a bit early, and maybe she'll ease into it OK like she usually does.


Michelle said...

Sheena is adorable!! How old is she? Our Ruby just turned one.

Sorry to hear she had a rough playgroup the other morning. Hopefully just a one time occurrence!

Traci said...

Hello, I am Traci and I found your blog while surfing DS blogs. My daughter Ashlyn is 8 years old and has DS. She also had infantile spasms as a baby. I was looking back at some of your older posts when Sheena was being treated for IS and it brought back a flood of memories from when my Ashlyn had them too. I just wanted to stop in and say hi and tell you that Sheena is a beautiful girly!