Monday, May 12, 2008

No, No. Yes, Yes.

Although she can sign yes and no, Sheena doesn't really shake or nod her head, which we're trying to encourage. I found this cute book on yes and no, so that I can massively over-exaggerate the head-actions while I am reading it to her. It has quickly become a favorite as you can see from these pics. The reason she doesn't nod or shake her head isn't because she doesn't get it, its basically because she still hasn't got the body/muscle control to do the action. Meanwhile, she'll nicely do incy-wincy spider, so its a bit confusing on why one thing works and another is still to come.


amy flege said...

love her little chair she is sitting in! looks so comfy! mayson does shake her head no. but yes is pretty far and between. the book sounds like a good one!

~Melissa~ said...

She has such a beautiful smile!

Delphine will shake her head no, but I haven't seen her do yes. I might have to check out that book too.

Archie said...

Cute photos!
I loved it when Lili started nodding yes - she would squish up her face and do a big cute exaggerated nod. Made me wonder what we looked like nodding to her.

livia-the-great said...

thanks for the tip on the book. we're trying to teach livia to nod her head to say yes, but so far shaking it to say no or mean yes or to get attention seems far more appealing to her! i think she also likes the way it feels, and she's evn doing it sometimes when she's walking... worth the coordination skills she's building, anyway. tekeal