Tuesday, September 12, 2006

She's back

Little Sheena seems to be making a return. Today, she was very active, and much more engaged. I was playing with her for ages today. I've missed her so much. I desperately hope it lasts. We see her neurologist tomorrow. I had intended to call the epilepsy foundation beforehand to see if they had any suggestions on what to quiz him about, but didn't manage that. I still saw about 6 blinking fits this morning, but her improvement was amazing.

After recent entries, my husband has accused me of taking over Sheena's blog page with boring details of yours truely. Sheena isn't selfish, so is happy to share the space with me. My kitchen reno is 99% finished. The stupid splashback people stuffed up the measurement behind the microwave, so that will take another 2 weeks - but other than that, it is finished. I will finally have my all white shiny kitchen. I will post photos when it's finished. Think "100 Best Kitchens of 2006", and my new kitchen is up there. It is a very classic design, so it would probably also be in "100 Best Kitchens 1990" (not the 70's though).

Here is Sheena in her fancy highchair (ebay purchase #1). We've started to pop her in the highchair while we eat dinner. She is usually very tired, but its good wind-down time before bed. As yet, we generally don't feed her in the highchair. We still use her TF therapy chair, because she is fully supported in it, and she can concentrate on eating, rather than just trying to stay upright. Speaking of that, a presenter at the EI gala dinner I went to the other night, did a good demonstration. She had a volunteer from the audience stand on a wobble board, and they had to try to balance themselves still, and then do a challenging puzzle at the same time. Very hard for a 40 year old guy, let alone a baby.


mum2brady said...

So happy to hear that Sheena's seizures are getting better and she is getting back to herself. She is too dang cute. Love the highchair, and what a great analogy - I've never thought of it that way. Guess I should have been more patient LOL

Hope your kitchen gets finished soon!

LeslieAnn said...

Look at her! She looks like the happiest child ever. I'm glad she's back to herself and you're getting lots of playtime.
I think that's a great analogy too.
Post kitchen pics when it's done!

rnp said...

Her hair is so cute all laid down like that. The highchair looks nice.

I hope your kitchen gets done soon as well.