Sunday, September 03, 2006

Daddy's Day

Fathers day in Oz today. Sheena got her dad a mug with a digital photo of herself looking rather sweet. She had text put on the mug saying, "Dear Daddy, Happy Father's Day. Love Sheena." Isn't she amazingly resourceful for 7 months. I've attached the card that she had made for him.

I think Sheena is weaning. Oh no!!! I was planning on breastfeeding her until she was at least one... She guzzled down a full bottle tonight as she wasn't interested in me... Tomorrow we shall see.

I don't think the Peadiatrition has prescribed a high enough dosage of meds for Sheena. She is still having several blinking/lip smacking episodes a day, and she's still grizzling all day long. I looked on the net, and she is definitely getting a lot less than the recommended initial doseage, so I will be on the phone first thing tomorrow to the Dr to get that sussed out for sure.


Christy said...

You internet junkie!!! Don't forget that you don't always know who wrote the internet articles, what was the reason for it (are they working for the drug companies), who financed their research - if its research. Anyway, remember to take websites with a grain of salt.
Lovely pic as usual
Luv your big sis

LeslieAnn said...

Yes, the internet can be very scary! It can also be a wealth of information; it's just figuring out what's legit and what's not.

I hope her meds are where they need to be soon! We find out tomorrow if Jack's are the correct dosage.

Leslie :)

Michelle said...

Happy father's day! Sweet presents for dad too!

Hope you get the dosage figured out for her!