Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sheena Stats

Tonight I have started increasing Sheena's medication. She is definitely still having several episodes a day. Today she was not in good form at all. The only time we got a smile out of her was when we rolled her around in a sheet. She is an utter thrill-seeker. Loves the movement. Her seizures now are like hicups, but she isn't hicupping, and there is no noise. Very scary to watch. She looks scared and shocked with each one. She might have 15 'hicups' in a cluster, and she had 4 clusters today. No wonder she is miserable.

She has sooooo many clothes, I don't know where to store them. Friends and family were very generous when she was born - I think it is a girl thing. She is size 00 now. At least we got heaps of use out of her 000 clothes. I don't know if it is done everywhere, but in Australia, they track baby's growth using percentiles. 50% is average, but the data is apparently based on USA bottle-fed babies, so it is not accurate for breastfed bubs. This is Sheena:

Weight 38%, Head circumference, 38%, height 7%. I love chubby babies, so we're doing well there. Not sure where she is on the DS charts, let me check....
Weight 100% (off the charts), head circ 80% and height; 50%

A bit odd the whole notion of having special charts for DS babies. It is like, immediately from birth, they are being treated differently as far as basic expectations are concerned. Considering that Sheena sits quite well on the usual charts, I am happy to stick with them.

I am finally going to get more pictures of Sheena printed out. Here is one of her today when she fell asleep while lying across my knee. To cute!


Shelley said...

She is just gorgeous - I think they look like angels when they are asleep. I hope the meds get sorted soon - it must be horrible for the little one - and very hard to watch them being miserable.

LeslieAnn said...

She's so sweet. I wish she felt better. I love that rockin' and rollin' picture! Jack's a little bitty thing, but we insist on them using the 'regular' chart. He's in the 10% range for weight/height on the regular chart. Tiny!
I hope her meds get worked out soon...that has to be hard to watch.

Michelle said...

what a precious pic of her sleeping on your lap!

Emily Elizabeth said...

That picture is so touching...Sheena is such a lovely baby. I wish she didn't have to go through the trauma of having siezures...they sound pretty intense.

Her growth is truly impressive! Take that IS! My Emma has barely made the typical charts...in fact I rarely even chart her there anymore. She's a peanut and she was a peanut at Sheena's age too.