Thursday, September 07, 2006

Romper Stomper

Another great day in the office. Even better, when I came home to a happy bubba. My mum had been given some baby clothes, so I came home to Sheena looking gorgeous in yet another romper to add to her collection.

She is slowly getting more engaged, which is very promising as far as the treatment working for her spasms. She is certainly needing more sleep during the day, and she is not as hungry as she was before - but both of those things are fine by me. Unfortunately I still saw about 3 episodes today where she was doing her blinking/lip smacking thing. They are not obviously a seizure, and I sometimes think it is just her expression when she is seeking her dummy, but it lasts a bit too long for that. Infantile Spasms are normally very obvious - like a sudden bow at the waist, or head-nod. They are also called Salaam Seizures, because they look like prayer. Sheena has never done that, so her Pead thought perhaps she might not have it very bad. We have an appointment with a Neurologist, so he might be able to give us more insight as far as that is concerned.
Here is Sheena in her corner chair, working those abs. Isn't she sitting up lovely and straight - no propping there.


mum2brady said...

She is sitting sooo well - whooo hooo Sheena!

Hope the IS thing gets worked out - sorry your cutie is dealing with it - but yay that the meds are working!

Sheena is such a doll!

Christy said...

It looks like Sheena is at the gym using a punching bag!!! That yellow sure is bright.

I'm so pleased that work is "working out for you".

From my experience it is usually the parents who know when their kid is having a siezure - "normal people can't see them" so you know what Sheena's siezures look like and then YOU know how many she is having and can tell the neurologist this!!

Love from BIG SIS

Michelle said...

Thank goodness the transition back to work continues to go so well! :) She does look so big sitting up nice and tall!

Rosemary said...

This little girl is beautiful, I am enjoying looking after her.
Thank you to all who are interested in 'Sheena Time', for your sympathic understanding and encouragement.
Sheena's Nan

Tara Marie said...

Sheena looks adorable in her new romper and that hat is just precious. Sending her big hugs and kisses from Emma Sage and her Momma

Kevin & Karen said...

the sheena page is amazing.. we love it...
its nice to know that US Nova Scotians can come take a look any time we like and keep in touch thru your eyes with this amazing, beautifull lil' girl.
she is the most darling lil' thing, that we all love dearly!
cousin Kevin and wife Karen Swinamer