Saturday, February 02, 2008

The (therapy) holidays are over

We've had quite a break from all the Early Intervention therapies over Christmas and NY. I really needed the break, and Sheena has probably liked it too, where she can play completely on her own terms without me trying to tell her to sit/stand/walk in a certain way, hold her mouth in a certain way, and basically without me in her face as the mum-meets-therapist. You never lose it altogehter, because the techniques are definitely never completely out of your mind, but lets just say, that I have been pretty easy-going about it for about 2 months However, it all starts again this month. As you can tell, I am still trying to rev up the enthusiasm for it again, but it got off to a good start yesterday. I've started Sheena with private speech pathology sessions. She had her first session with Mrs M yesterday, and we both liked her energy. Sheena was giggling at her antics quite a lot, because she was nice and animated. Our homework is practicing labeling of objects. Sheena doesn't point at things to show me what she is after or looking at, so we don't say, 'Thats the light", or "Thats the red flower", etc etc. We really just interpret what she's interested in, and tell her, but it is harder to get the connection. Otherwise, our homework is we have to teach her "the same" (common objects), and try to get her to nod or shake her head rather than doing sign language for yes and no. Mrs M thinks she is very capable of that. We're going to try to blow tissues, and to bubbles which we haven't quite mastered yet.

I am happy to have found a speechy that Sheena immediately liked, who connected well to Sheena and who only lives 5 minutes down the road. She seems really good, and seems to be quite proactive in getting rid of bad habits nice and early, and giving me solid strategies for her day to day. Hubby is going to go to the next one that he is able to make, that is how useful I found her.

Next on the therapy list is setting up Sheena's six monthly goals with her Early Intervention Special Ed teacher. Spoon feeding is going to be on the top of the list, because that is one that we think she's able to do, but is happier to have mum and dad do it instead. We also think she could learn climbing up and down stairs which will give her a bit of a go on playgrounds outside.

Otherwise, Sheena needs people to wish her good luck this week, as she is going to have tear-duct surgery on both eyes. It is a day procedure, but she'll need a general anesthetic, so that makes it a big enough deal. Sheena-pops has to fast for 6 hours before the afternoon procudure.


~Melissa~ said...

I'm glad you both enjoyed the break from therapy!

Good luck with the tear duct surgery!

Beth said...

Glad therapy is going well and that you enjoyed the break from it!!!

Sheena - we will be thinking and praying that all goes well with your tear duct surgery!

Michelle said...

sounds like the new speech therapist is going to work out really well!

Praying all goes well w/the tear-duct surgery. Kayla had her tear ducts probed (not sure if that is the same thing?) when she wasn't quite 1 yet, but they didn't use a general on her, just wrapped her up in a papoose thing so she couldn't move!