Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Goodbye Tears (hopefully)

The tear duct probe surgery went fairly smoothly yesterday - but we're not sure if the operation was a success. She was still tearing a bit today, but we have to wait 1-3 weeks before we'll be able to tell for certain. The doctor said that the blockage was significant.

She was far from thrilled when she woke up after her operation. She was awake 5 minutes after it was over, and its usually 15 minutes. She howled for the 10 minutes that she should have still been under - really disorientated from what she was feeling. Although they were convinced she wasn't in pain, they gave her a big dose of panadol, and that allowed her to relax.

Sheena took the hospital visit (pre-op) as an oportunity to practice her walking. The long hospital hallways were irristable, and her toddle combined with squeals of delight at her own efforts had quite a few hospital staff chuckling. Today, she walked to Nan's neighbours house - all the way from the back door, along the driveway, and along the street. Its taken over as her main means of getting around, and we're not seeing as much of the bum shuffling.


Beth said...

We are so glad that the surgery is over and went smoothly. We hope it was a success!! Way to go Sheena on your great walking - sounds like you are doing great!

Michelle said...

Hope in a few weeks you'll be able to see positive results from the surgery! I can just imagine her walking the hallways and capturing everyone's attention! WTG on the walking Sheena!

When you get a chance can you email please? :)

amy flege said...

glad to hear the surgery went well and hopefully successful. and yeah on the walking!! have her come teach maysoN!!

As We Sail... said...

I've just stumbled upon your blog. Sheena is so cute.
You have the same blog layout as mine.