Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Persistence, persistence

Sheena is rapidly improving with her walking. She is very keen at the moment in getting into standing to walk without holding onto anything. She managed it very well tonight, and persisted at it for half an hour. I was exhausted just watching her, its like watching a gymnast's floor routine, because its not the usual pattern of squatting then elegantly standing, it is much more impressive than that - and involves a remarkable amount of acrobatics. She was puffing and panting by the end of it, and I was offering her milk just to get her to sit for a while.
Thankfully, her parachute reflex of putting the hands out to catch her falls is working remarkably well for a little girl that didn't ever crawl. Her arms and shoulders have never had that opportunity to build up the strength to catch her falls, but Sheena doesn't seem to bothered by that.


~Melissa~ said...

Look at her! She's doing really well walking - how exciting!

Christy said...

WOW she looks so good, very tall for a shortie!
I love the cardie as well.

Good work Sheena.

Shelley said...

That is so exciting - just her joy at being more in control of where she goes! You gotta love the determination (mostly!). I am now encouraging Han on the monkey bars and regularly engage her and Kit in wheelbarrow races to keep her upper body strength.

amy flege said...

yeah for sheena on her walking! thats wonderful!!!!

Beth said...

YAY Sheena!! Good for you - practice makes perfect!!!