Friday, January 18, 2008

The Year Begins on a Good Note

Sheena is back at creche. She'll be going 2 days which I'm trialling now that she doesn't need as much sleep during the day. We are all going to miss her carers from last year, who took so much interest in her, but hopefully the new ladies in charge of the room are equally as nuturing.
This week, Sheena had a review appointment with her Neurologist. She got the all-clear, and we don't have to make another appointment with him. Given that at at 9 or 10 months she was having 150 seizures a day, this is an outstanding result. Her Neuro was delighted with her overall development, and said that this can sometimes happen with Infantile Spasms - especially in children with DS. While usually considered a catastrophic form of epilepsy, if tackled aggressively enough with medication, it can have no ongoing significant impacts. Looks like our Sheena has fallen into this category. I never thought I'd ever be greatful for Prednisolone - which made her so sick and unhappy, but it was her miracle drug.
Yesterday, she walked all the way from the TV to the couch at Nan's house - which is about 5 meters. She can only get into standing by climbing up on something. She hasn't yet sorted out squatting, then standing on her own.


~Melissa~ said...

Oh what wonderful news about the appointment! I bet that was music to your ears!

Kim Ayres said...

This is superb news! How fantastic to hear :)