Saturday, August 04, 2007


Sheena has learnt how to push herself up into sitting from rolling to the side then up. She uses her arm to push up, and it is very much like the manoever the physio got us to use whenever we picked her up to encourage the pattern. Its good that she's using her arm to do it, as it will help develop her shoulders and arms which are pretty weak from lack of crawling.

She can be quite determined and patient when she is trying to sort something out. Tonight she was in the bath, standing up at the edge banging at a toy boat. After throwing it away, I replaced it with a rubber toy that was much harder to grasp. She was awfully determined to get a hold of it, all while she was standing on her wobble-board legs.


Christy said...

Awww what a clever little chicken.

Michelle said...

determination is a great quality to have :)

Shelley said...

That is great soon you'll be spending time preparing her for wheelbarrow races - at least that is what the sort of exercises the PT wants us to do with Hannah seem to be - all about keeping strength in those arms of course!

L. Noelle said...

Good for Sheena! What a big girl she's getting to be!

Leticia said...

Where would our children be without their determined spirit?!
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