Saturday, August 25, 2007

Springing into Spring

Although its still August, we've had some early spring weather that is going to last for a few more days. Its nice not to have to rug Sheena up in so many layers, and have some more outdoor play.

She had a grisly week with a head cold, and missed creche a couple of weeks ago, but she recovered from that on Tuesday ready for Play Group, then a normal week this week.

The head-cold was tiresome. She actually slept quite a lot, but was not much fun to be around when she was awake. Grizzle, wine, grizzle. She could turn on the grumpiest face, and then she decided it was cool, so did it whether she was cross or not. I took her to the Dr's twice, because she was not at all happy, but it was just a nasty cold that she had to ride through.

However, the turn-around is very easy to take, and she has been great fun the last couple of days. Our friends and their 2 kiddies are visiting Melbourne, so we caught up with them in St Kilda. Sheena was in such good form at the restaurant. She was delighted to be passed around, sit in the high chair, then bum-shuffle around the floor for a while. We're finally moving out of that awkward big-baby stage, where she wasn't very strong, and wasn't mobile, to the stage where she is into everything, and getting around as much as possible.

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Michelle said...

isn't it so much fun when they start getting into everything! LOL Sometimes I long for the "baby days" again when Kayla couldn't get into aything LOL