Sunday, August 12, 2007

Surfing Sheena

Sheena has been tracking along very well, and my sister has told me off for not writing in Sheena Time to boast about her recent efforts.
So, we are now getting ourselves into sitting, and using a sippee cup. Her standing is getting better too, and there are heaps of other subtle developmental things that she has come on with.
Physically, I can now hold onto her hands while she is standing without it seeming like her arms are going to fall out of their sockets. This is really new, and I have no idea how this has all of a sudden changed, but we previously had heaps of problems with pulling to sit because of her lax joints, but this doesn't seem to be as much of an issue with her arms anymore.

I recently bought her a scooter-board to encourage the crawling movement, but I haven't really worked out how to best replicate the pattern, so in the meantime, Sheena looks like she is surfing while I drag her around the lounge room.


Jessica said...

WTG Sheena! I love good updates!

Christy said...

Thanks Jo, I appreciate that you listen to your big sis!!!

Cutie pie *big kisses* from your Aunty!

Michelle said...

well yeah you need to brag on Sheena and the new things she's doing! WTG Sheena!

Shelley said...

Oh she is just looking so gorgeous!!!!

Alice said...

Oh I love the skateboard! How is it working out? I think Alfie might like that.