Saturday, July 28, 2007

Kiwis and Kookaburras

Sheena has had a quiet week for no obvious reason. Not sick, but not much spark. She picked up a lot yesterday when we had visitors, and she has been better today too. As of yesterday, I've taken her off weatbix for breakfast, wondering if its too heavy for her, and making her sluggish. Could possibly be a gluten intolerance, but I am not sure. She's moved to rice bubbles, and its going OK.
Sheena loves birds. We'll all be sitting inside the house, and she'll spin her head whenever a bird makes the slightest sound. When its not cold, hubby likes to take her out onto the balcony for her morning fix of the passing birds. Today, I had her outside on a mini-trampoline with her kiwi and kookaburra soft toys and she was the same, spinning around a the slightest chirp.


Kim Ayres said...

I had to look at the larger version of the photo - I've seen Kiwis in photos before, but had no idea what a kookaburra looked like

Camille said...

Jo, I am so pleased to meet you! Sheena is adorable!!! Emma's first couple of years were also quite rocky (health wise). But, boy oh boy, she is catching up now.
Sheena will swim, and I love her special relationship with birds!!! Emma had her eyes straightened when she was about 2 and what a difference it made. Her "in depth" vision improved automatically!!! Best of luck!

Michelle said...

she looks so happy!

Amy said...

She is so cute!