Friday, July 13, 2007

Oh no it's Winter!

Baby had a trip to Emergency Department this week with Croup. It came out of no-where, other than a cold for the preceding few days. Her Nan was looking after Sheena that night, and rang me with a barking baby in the background at 11pm. Nan is not one to panic, so when she said it looked like we should take her in, I didn't argue. We didn't have to stay at hospital for long, as she recovered really quickly after treatment, and her breathing was much improved. After that episode, Sheena's cold is a fair bit worse, and she is very quiet and asking for a fair bit of sleep to get over it.

So, we're stuck in the house, not that I would have been up to much anyway, because I have a bad cold myself, and its miserable weather outside.

Yesterday, we had a visit from Sheena's EI service to discuss her six monthly goals. Sheena has come a very long way since February. Sheena is very alert these days, but watching her be unable to get around bothers me a lot. I'd love her to come over and ask for a cuddle, or to be able to follow me into the bathroom or the kitchen. Not being able to move from one room to the other means that she is still very reliant on us for stimulation. The pressure is off from a while back when she couldn't roll or sit or shuffle about, but physically she's still far from where most kids with DS are at 19 months. She certainly had 6 months wiped because of her illness last year, and while on high-dose Pred she went back to newborn skills, but although there are reasons for her being behind with her gross motor, I'd rather she wasn't. So our goals are all normal things, like gross motor, fine motor and speech.


~Melissa~ said...

I'm sorry she's sick! Winter is such a tough time for our kids it seems.
Sending well wishes, and also some movement vibes - I bet she'll be coming over to give you a hug in no time!

Jessica said...

Oh no! I hope Sheena feels better soon!!

Michelle said...

sorry to hear about the croup; but glad to hear that it seems she recoverd fairly quickly!

I know it's hard to wait for those milestones, but they will come!

Damselfly said...

Aw. I hope you both feel better.

amy flege said...

sorry to hear about sheena getting croup.. thats no fun!!
dont worry about those milestones... they will come. I think she is doing great!!!

BStrong said...

Oh sorry to hear that winter hit you too. We had two cases of the croup, one turned in to pneumonia.