Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sheena's Big Red Car

Sheena is having a great time these days. Here she is heading out for the evening last night.
Hubby has a new game with her that they both think is great:

Her 'observer' behaviour is a lot less noticeable as she gets stronger. Her little world is expanding, and when she is sitting now, she will pivot around so that she can reach for toys. I think the physio is preparing me for her to be a bum-shuffler. Not that we are not going to try to get her to crawl, but she is proficient in sitting, and much less-so in propping. They're saying that it is not such a big problem if she does end up bum-shuffling, but I have read that crawling is much better developmentally.

Her Great-Auntie met Sheena for the first time, and she thought Sheena didn't seem very delayed compared to other toddlers she knows. Another friend of mine said the same thing a week ago. I wonder if I over-emphasise it too much, but I think I am a bit more in-tune with baby-development because of all the EI sessions we go to. Although she is very alert and friendly, and engaged, there are a lot of subtleties that are very obvious to me. I see 6 month olds going around in their buggies at the shops holding up their heads, and looking about. Sheena will still recline back, as its harder to hold her head up in that position. I could go on and on about all the things I notice, but it doesn't really help matters. The main thing is that she is happy and healthy, and she will get there eventually.


Michelle said...

I know what you mean about the differences...I hear that sometimes about Kayla, "oh she doesn't seem like she's delayed at all." But I notice those little differences only too well and I see where the delays are!

I loved the video! Reminds me when we used to do that to Kayla too.

She looks so cute sitting in her car!

L. Noelle said...

First of All, Sheena Looks so Beautiful and Vibrant! Secondly, it never matters about what other's do developmentally! I think we all do the comparison thing for a while, until the real Child takes over, and that is all you see. You no longer see charts, developmental milestones and goals! You see your beautiful child growing and prospering before your eyes and only see their invidual strengths and qualities! At least that is what has happened to me now! You'll see!