Sunday, March 11, 2007

Observing Sheena

Today we were meant to celebrate our wedding anniversary by going for a bike ride while Sheena was baby-sat. Unfortunately that didn't work out, as hubby was called into work for day. I can still hear his work phone going off and it is now 15 hours later. He's been working since 5am. Sheena and I still managed to have a very fun day. I cancelled the baby-sitter, and we had oodles of play time.

I have started taking Sheena to private physiotherapy sessions. Sheena had 45 minutes of solid physio to help her gross motor skills. The physio didn't take a really detailed history, which is what I was expecting, she basically went through the basics, but dealt with Sheena in the here-and-now. She read Sheena's cues well. She balanced pushing Sheena when she started to fatigue with an activity, but at the same time didn't push Sheena to the point of getting fed-up or upset. This physio also works at an EI centre, but does private consultations on other days. I am happy to have found her in basically the next suburb. Paediatric Physios are not easy to find, especially ones with a good background in kids with DS.

She certainly looked like an 'observer' in the session. The therapist would show Sheena an interactive toy to encourage Sheena to reach out. Sheena would look at it, maybe clap or definitely seem interested, but then look back at the physio to get her to make it work again. She thinks we are going to have to show Sheena how to pivot, and then how to crawl. Motor driven kids will do this, but observers are happy to watch and take it all in. We have started putting Sheena on a rug in prone, then pulling it across the floor. Same with the pivoting, we will have to physically do it for her until she realises it will make life fun. I find the lack of inclination to move frustrating. Hubby and I are active types, and we never just sit, so its really foreign to us not to want to move and seek things out. These extra physio sessions help me keep focused on it, and keep it fresh and interesting.

She has babbled 'Dada' for a long time, but she has started to match it up with hubby. Hubby is suitably impressed.


L. Noelle said...

It's so great to see that you like the new therapist so much. It sounds like she was really tuned into Sheena's needs.

Michelle said...

happy anniversary! Sorry hubby was called into work though - that stinks! Hopefully you can celebrate together another day though!

That's great that this phsio seems so intuned with Sheena!

Kim Ayres said...

I think I sympathise with Sheena - I'm much more likely to sit and watch than leap up and be active. The idea that you would celebrate your anniversary by going for a bike ride is as alien to me as if you'd said you would do it by swimming a crocoile infested swamp.

Jessica said...

That stinks that your hubby got called into work on your anniversary... I'm sure you guys will celebrate another day!

Sheena is doing awesome! What a cute picture!

Christy said...

I agree with Kim, but I know you guys, weirdo bike riding folks :)

Sounds like a fabbo physio session, maybe Sheena is taking after her Aunty Christy, we are sedentary people.